Thursday, March 12th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

E-on software releases LumenRT VIZ for free

The demo video for the LumenRT 2015 product range. Developer e-on software has just released LumenRT VIZ, a free non-commercial edition of the real-time visualisation tool intended for SketchUp users.

E-on software has released LumenRT VIZ: a free addition to its LumenRT range of real-time visualisation products, intended for SketchUp users. The software is not licensed for commercial use, and output is branded.

So how does it compare to the commercial editions?
LumenRT VIZ offers a cut-down version of the tools available in LumenRT Studio and LumenRT GeoDesign, its higher-end siblings.

Many of the restrictions result from the nature of the product: VIZ is designed to work solely with SketchUp, so you can’t get data into it from any other source, including import of models in standard 3D formats.

As well as being branded with the product logo, output is limited to 1080p resolution.

But it is a real-time GI renderer, and you get around half the assets in the from the standard LumenRT content library, so it certainly has merit as a tool for creating high-quality previews of SketchUp content.

And if you want to use the tools on commercial SketchUp projects, e-on has also released LumenRT Architect, a new $495 non-watermarked edition of the software for SketchUp and ArchiCAD users.

LumenRT VIZ is available for SketchUp 7 and above, including both the Make and Pro editions, on Windows and Mac OS X. It’s free to download, but you will need to register for an account with e-on software to do so.

Read more about LumenRT VIZ on the product website
(Includes download link and a feature comparison table with the other LumenRT products)