Tuesday, July 14th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

E-on software releases LumenRT 2015.5 line-up

E-on software has released LumenRT 2015.5, an update to its family of products for real-time visualisation, adding compatibility with PlantFactory, e-on’s vegetation generation tool, and improving performance.

New plant-editing options, better playback of LiveCubes
The main new feature in the 2015.5 update is compatibility with PlantFactory, shown in the video above. LumenRT plants can be edited in PlantFactory, and new PF species saved directly to the LumenRT library.

The update also addes a new set of plant species to LumenRT’s content library.

Performance has also been improved: “massive optimisations of the real-time engine” result in smoother playback of LumenRT’s LiveCube interactive demos. E-on’s news release cites a speed boost of “up to 20x”.

Other than that, imported content can now be positioned in a scene using numerical inputs, as well as manually; and the integration plugins for Revit and CityEngine have been updated to support the latest releases.

Pricing and availability
LumenRT 2015.5 is available now for Windows and Mac OS X. The update is free to registered users.

New licences of the base LumenRT Studio cost $995; LumenRT GeoDesign, which adds support for CityEngine and extra animation features, costs $1,495. The cut-down Architect edition costs $495.

You can read a more detailed comparison of the editions in the LumenRT store. LumenRT Publisher, which enables users to generate LiveCubes, is an additional paid add-on.

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