Wednesday, August 6th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Video: FX Links – real-time water and cloth on Android

Korean developer FXGear – best known for FluX fluid simulation software – has posted a rather nice tech demo for FX Links, a new physics framework for Android applications.

According to the accompanying information, FX Links contains separate simulation engines for fluids, cloth, paper, particles, hair and fur and elastic bodies.

Only the first four are shown in the video, but the results are pretty impressive, particularly of the water simulations responding to touch events and the tablet’s internal gyroscope.

We couldn’t find any more details on FXGear’s website, but there is a little more info on this third-party site.

The video is one of a set of demos of new consumer-focused technologies on FXGear’s Vimeo channel.

As well as FX Links, the demos show avatar-generation system FX Avatar, virtual clothing system FX Magic Mirror, and the rather fun-looking Faceoff (above), which promises to “put [your] face in a famous movie”.

See more videos of FX Gear’s new technologies on its Vimeo channel