Monday, March 12th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Nvidia shows new real-time fur simulation system

A still from Nvidia’s GDC 2012 tech demo. View both of‘s recordings via the links below. has posted two videos recorded at GDC 2012 of Nvidia’s work on real-time physics simulation for its PhysX SDK.

In addition to the new GPU-based dynamic fracturing system, of which Nvidia recently released its own videos, the footage shows off its fur-simulation system: 100,000 individual strands of fur, comprising 840,000 component particles, all calculated purely on the GPU.

A second video shows Nvidia’s current-generation tech: particles, destruction physics (in this case using pre-shattered geometry) and real-time cloth simulation, available as part of Unreal Engine 3.

In the voiceover for the second video, Nvidia confirms that its technology will be incorporated into Epic Games’ recently announced Unreal Engine 4 – sadly not itself on public display at GDC.