Thursday, June 5th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Miarmy’s cool VFX crowds reel

We’ve been covering Miarmy, Basefount Technology’s Maya crowd-simulation system, since it was first released in 2011. Up until now, most of the videos we posted were tech demos.

But now Basefount has posted its movie reel – and it’s really rather impressive.

Huge crowd shots from studios worldwide
There are a few projects that will be familiar to Western audiences, such as Iloura’s work on I, Frankestein, but most of the footage comes from Asian studios.

Highlights include Dexter Digital‘s highly polished work, and while the CG in the recent Donnie Yen version of The Monkey King got mixed reviews, the crowd shots here are huge, and exuberant.

Altogether, it’s a fun way to spend a coffee break. Basefount keeps adding new functionality to the software, too: you can find the feature list for Miarmy 3.2 here, including details of the new crowd-painting tools.

Read more about Miarmy on Basefount Technology’s website