Thursday, December 5th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: MPC’s 2014 film reel

We don’t always post VFX studios’ demo reels on CG Channel. Maybe we’ve become so habituated by the quality of movie effects that we assume that any big facility’s current reel will be pretty impressive.

MPC’s Film Reel 2014, however, is just so goddamn gorgeous that we’ve decided to make an exception.

Five years of VFX history in four minutes
A summary of everything MPC has achieved in the past five years, the reel opens with some jaw-dropping crowd sequences from World War Z, moves quickly through jungles and deserts, then into outer space with Prometheus.

Along the way, you get glimpses of most of the major recent VFX movie ranchises – X-Men, Harry Potter, Superman – and a few brilliant one-offs, like Life of Pi and The Lone Ranger.

It’s beautifully paced, too. Unplug the phone for a few minutes, shut down your emails, and enjoy it.