Monday, July 1st, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mark Jackson ships Red9 Studio Pack 1.33 for Maya

Crytek technical animation director Mark Jackson has updated Red9 Studio Pack, his open-source Maya rigging toolkit, including a new UI for simplifying dense motion-capture data.

Created “out of frustration at Autodesk’s reluctance to add … core features into Maya”, Red9 is intended to enable small studios without in-house R&D teams to implement a modern animation pipeline within Maya.

Better key reduction and smart noise tools
Red9 Studio Pack 1.33’s new Interactive Simplify UI is a “smart wrapper” over Maya’s internal Simplify Curve command, intended to make workflow more user-friendly.

The toolset makes it possible to reduce keys interactively – and unlike Maya’s native UI, exposes the option to reduce keys only on the part of an animation curve the user has selected.

The software’s existing Randomizer UI, which adds noise to animation data, has also been made interactive.

More new features since the last time we covered Red9
Red9 Studio Pack 1.33 is available to download now. Mark Jackson’s blog also covers a number of other new features added to the software since our original story.

Download Red9 Studio Pack 1.33

Visit the Red9 blog

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