Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Act-3D ships Lumion 2.0

A user-uploaded video demo of Lumion 2.0, showing off the new night sky system.

Act-3D has released an update to Lumion, its real-time 3D visualisation tool, adding improved support for indoor and nighttime lighting.

Lumion 2 features a “completely re-engineered” rendering system for night visualisations, “transforming the sky into a magical spectacle of stars, complete with a realistic moon and special colorization”.

Magic aside, the render engine also features improved tonemapping and screen-space ambient occlusion, and the results – in Act-3D’s own demo scenes, at least – look pretty good.

The update also introduces support for curved animation paths and a range of new stock content.

Lumion 2.0 costs €799 (around $1,050) for the Basic edition and €1,499 (around $1,970) for Ultimate.

Lumion® 2, the new release of Act-3D’s architecture visualization software introduces tremendous improvements by providing new quick and easy tools for indoor lighting, night scenes and animation. The brand new lighting engine also raises the bar for outdoor visualizations. Lumion 2 makes videos, images and real-time presentations even more realistic.

The importing system has been further extended with support for AutoDesk® DWG and DXF file formats. Additionally, a special COLLADA plugin for AutoDesk® Revit has been included. Act-3D has added more than 330 new objects such as furniture, waving flags and new vehicles. The existing character pack has been extended with several high quality 3D animated characters. Moreover, the number of post-processing effects, including weather and artistic paint effects, has been significantly increased.

Availability and Pricing
Lumion® Basic currently costs €799, whereas Lumion® Ultimate retails for €1,499.

Existing Lumion 1 license holders can upgrade to Lumion 2 for an affordable upgrade fee.

Lumion® is available as a 32 and 64-bit application for Windows® XP, Vista and Windows® 7.

Visit the Lumion website

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