Wednesday, December 1st, 2010 Posted by Jim Thacker

Act-3D releases Lumion real-time rendering tool

Act-3D has announced details of is now shipping its real-time architectural visualisation package, Lumion.

The demo video shows a user adding pre-built characters, models and textures to a scene by means of a simple-looking interface, and moving sliders to control fog depth, cloudiness, sun position and time of day.

It’s interesting to compare the footage with that of KA-RA’s TwinMotion 2, unveiled last week, bearing in mind that, at €749, Lumion is only a third of the price of Twinmotion.

Act-3D also has a background in the field, being known for Quest3D, its established package for authoring interactive 3D applications.

Updated (1 December 2010): As of yesterday, Lumion is now shipping.


Act-3D™ B.V. just released more details about the upcoming architectural visualization software Lumion®.

People can create visualizations by themselves, directly on their own computer. Lumion® reduces production time by rendering high-definition movies faster than ever before. Videos demonstrate how anyone can create amazing architectural visualizations in just minutes.

Key functions

  • Reduces both rendering and scene creation to several minutes
  • Import 3D content from Google SketchUp®, Autodesk® products and many other 3D packages
  • Add 3D models and materials from the included Lumion content library
  • Edit 3D scenes in real-time using lightning fast GPU rendering technology
  • Create appealing videos using the built-in video editor
  • Outputs HD MP4 files, stereoscopic videos and print resolution images
  • Allows for live fly-through demonstrations

Visit the new Lumion website