Tuesday, June 21st, 2011 Posted by Jim Thacker

Sculptris Alpha 6 ships

Tomas Pettersson’s original Sculptris demo. New (non-linkable) videos are available on the Pixologic website.

Pixologic has released the first official version of Sculptris since developer Tomas Pettersson went to work for the company last year. Alpha 6 adds little to the free digital sculpting package in the way of new features, but improves stability and adds Mac OS X support.

The new release also brings Sculptris more into line with Pixologic’s flagship package, adding an option for ZBrush-style navigation; and to send models back and forth between ZBrush and Sculptris via GoZ.

In addition to the price (or lack of it), Sculptris offers a unique dynamic tesselation system, which automatically subdivides the part of the mesh being sculpted, preventing artefacting as detail or extra volume is added.

Useful information for new users
Early responses on the ZBrushCentral forum have been enthusiastic, although the release thread notes some issues with Hyper-Threading that may be useful for users of multi-core machines to read.

A separate thread deals with a workaround for display issues that can result when the triangular meshes generated by Sculptris are exported to ZBrush.

Visit the Sculptris webpage (includes registration link for free download)