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See Mojo FX’s VFX breakdown for Testament: The Story of Moses

Istanbul-based visual effects company Mojo FX has released its VFX breakdown reel for Netflix miniseries Testament: The Story of Moses.

The three-part docudrama blends reenactments of the life of the prophet as told in the Abrahamic religions with commentary from theologians and historians.

On its release earlier this year, Testament became the most-viewed show on Netflix worldwide, receiving 13.5 million views in its first five days.

Mojo FX’s effects were used to recreate the miraculous elements of Moses’ story set out in religious texts, including the burning bush and the ten plagues.

The studio told CG Channel:

“Mojo FX’s journey on this project began in May 2022 with pre-production meetings with the production company Karga Seven. After extensive investigation, Ouarzazate in Morocco was selected [as the setting for the story].

“During the 12 weeks of shooting, Serkan Semiz, the managing partner of Mojo FX and a Visual Effects Society member, was on set full-time as the VFX supervisor.

“In the meantime, asset creation began. Mojo FX had to create a large number of assets in an extremely detailed format so that they could be animated in every way needed. Full CGI city views needed to be created; flies, locusts, frogs, lice, and snakes needed to be animated; and hail, dust devils, ghosts, and burning bushes needed to be simulated.”

“After the edit was locked, a process of full-time 3D and compositing work began for more than 560 shots. [Mojo FX’s VFX work included] set extensions, crowd simulations with soldiers, peasants, and horse-drawn chariots, full CGI establisher shots, changing the color of the Nile, clean-ups, and greenscreens.

“The most challenging part of this work was the fact that although the story involved miraculous incidents, its visualization had to be the photorealistic, meaning that the impossible had to be plausible.

“For instance, during one of Moses’ miracles, his staff transforms into a red milk snake, which is a small, non-poisonous snake. This harmless snake kills two big cobras.

“Although the incident is impossible in real life, Mojo FX had to create the scene in such a photorealistic way that the audience believes [in it].”

Software used on the project included Maya, Houdini, 3ds Max, Nuke and After Effects.

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