Friday, June 7th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Reallusion launches GoZ Plus

Reallusion has released GoZ Plus, an updated version of the plugin for round-tripping 3D assets between Character Creator and ZBrush, Maxon’s digital sculpting software.

The updated plugin, available in Character Creator 4.42, automatically converts surface colors between diffuse textures in Character Creator and Polypaint data in ZBrush.

Details sculpted in ZBrush are converted to normal maps for use in Character Creator.

GoZ round-trips assets between Character Creator and ZBrush
ZBrush’s GoZ system acts as a bridge between the digital sculpting software and other DCC applications, making it possible to round-trip assets.

Although Reallusion has supported GoZ in its Character Creator software since Character Creator 3, export was previously limited to the base geometry.

To transfer surface color or surface detail, users had to bake texture maps manually.

GoZ Plus transfers surface color and detail automatically
The updated GoZ Plus plugin automates that process, with surface color being converted between diffuse textures in Character Creator and Polypaint data in ZBrush.

The plugin also now features an option to set the subdivision level that will be applied to a low-poly model on export from Character Creator to ZBrush.

Detail sculpted on the subdivided model in ZBrush can then be transferred back to Character Creator as normal maps.

Available as part of Character Creator 4.42
The GoZ Plus plugin is available as part of Character Creator 4.42, the latest version of the software.

Using GoZ Plus for the first time in Character Creator should then install the updated plugin automatically in ZBrush, as shown at 01:00 in the video above.

Price and system requirements
GoZ Plus is available in Character Creator 4.42+ and is compatible with ZBrush 2022.0.8+. Character Creator itself is compatible with Windows 7+. It costs $299.

Read more about GoZ Plus on Reallusion’s website

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