Sunday, March 10th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get 160+ free 3D plants, including crops, fruits and vegetables

Epic Games has made game art outsourcing firm CropCraft Studios’‘ pack of 3D plants and agricultral props available to download for free.

The Ultimate Farming kit comprises 42 crop plant species, each with four variations, for a total of over 160 individual 3D plants.

The asset pack forms part of Epic’s free Unreal Engine Marketplace content for March 2024, and will be free until the end of the month.

Over 300 detailed plants and farming-themed props, with 4K textures
The core of the Ultimate Farming kit is a collection of 3D crop plants, including grains like wheat, rice and barley; fruits and vegetables; plus cacao, coffee, sugarcane, tea and tobacco.

There are 42 species, each with four variations, making 168 individual plant models.

The kit also includes a range of other farm-themed assets, including props, a greenhouse, planters and fields, for a grand total of 301 meshes.

The assets come with 4,096 x 4,096px textures, but no LODs, using Unreal Engine 5’s Nanite virtualized geometry system to stream in the high-res versions.

System requirements and availability
The Ultimate Farming kit is available free via the Unreal Engine Marketplace during March 2024. It is compatible with Unreal Engine 4.27+.

The marketplace usage rights permit assets not created by Epic Games to be exported to other game engines and DCC apps, although obviously, some features require Unreal Engine.

Download the Ultimate Farming kit from the Unreal Marketplace

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