Friday, March 15th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download giant free UE5 VR asset pack Barney’s Basement

Games outsourcing studio Sentient Art has released Barney’s Basement, a free Unreal Engine 5 VR scene, plus 263 assets used to create it, including 3D models, materials and Blueprints.

The assets can be used to in commercial projects.

A detailed, sci-fi themed UE5 interior environment, including over 150 3D models
Barney’s Basement consists of a detailed interior: an inventor’s workshop with a retro sci-fi style.

The demo, described as a “€200k production”, was created by a team of seven artists, and makes use of UE5 features like Lumen for lighting and Nanite for geometry streaming.

The download includes 263 assets, including 150+ 3D models, ranging from props to vehicles, 15 materials, and the Blueprints used for gameplay, including a “revolutionary VR hand system”.

System rquirements and license conditions
Barney’s Basement is compatible with Unreal Engine 5.3. It’s a free download. The files are available under a MIT license, so the assets can be used in commercial projects.

You can download assets individually from Sentient Art’s GitHub repository via the link below, or download the entire demo as a 2.8GB zip archive.

Download free Unreal Engine VR environment and asset pack Barney’s Basement

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