Wednesday, June 21st, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download Epic Games’ free Electric Dreams sample

Epic Games has released Electric Dreams, a free downloadable sample project based its GDC 2023 demo that showcases Unreal Engine’s new Procedural Content Generation framework.

Free demo scene demonstrates how to use Unreal Engine’s 5.2’s PCG and Substrate toolsets
One of the highlights of Epic’s GDC 2023 demo was the Procedural Content Generation framework (PCG), intended for populating large Unreal Engine scenes without the need for external tools.

The Electric Dreams sample, based on that demo, provides a practical illustration of how to use the toolset.

It shows a lush jungle environment generated procedurally from “a handful” of the Megascans assets available free to users of Unreal Engine.

The sample features seven separate levels, including one showing the entire environment from the demo, which includes hand-crafted areas, and a 4km x 4km area generated entirely procedurally.

The sample also incluses an opal shader ball designed to work with Substrate, Unreal Engine’s new modular material-authoring framework.

Both features were released publicly in Unreal Engine 5.2, released last month. You can read our run-down of the five key features for CG artists in Unreal Engine 5.2 here.

Licensing and system requirements
The Electric Dreams sample is compatible with Unreal Engine 5.2+, and is licensed for use only in Unreal Engine-based products, including commercial projects.

Download Epic Games’ free Electric Dreams sample project from the Unreal Marketplace

Read more about how to use the Electric Dreams sample in the online documentation