Sunday, August 27th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Epic Games’ free Composure Sample for UE4

Epic Games has released the Composure Sample, a new learning resource for the Composure real-time compositing plugin rolled out in Unreal Engine 4.17.

The project files are supplemented by a step-by-step tutorial in the online documentation showing users how to match the lighting of the CG character above to the background footage of Epic Games’ HQ.

Composure: a ground-breaking toolkit for real-time VFX-quality compositing
Developed for The Human Race, Epic’s award-winning GDC demo, which showed a CG car rendered and integrated into live footage in real time, Composure is a C++ and Blueprint framework for compositing.

The toolset is intended for both augmented reality projects and visual effects work.

Features include parametric lens distortion, bloom, colour correction and chromatic aberration, enabling users to match the look of rendered CG objects to that of background footage.

In Unreal Engine 4.17, the toolset is supplemented by the new Image Plate plugin: a readymade Actor object plus an accompanying track in Sequencer, Unreal Engine’s cinematic editing toolset.

When attached to a camera, the Actor displays the live footage as frame-accurate fullscreen images which can then be streamed to the input of a Composure compositing pipeline via the Sequencer track.

The Composure Sample is available free via the Learn section of the Epic Games launcher for any registered Unreal Engine user. You can find more information on how to use it in this one-hour training video.

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