Monday, May 8th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get Epic Games’ free volume modelling plugin for UE4

Epic Games has released a free volume modelling plugin for Unreal Engine that lets users shape volumetric objects like clouds by painting them in real time within virtual reality.

The tool, which doesn’t really have a proper name – it’s just part of a pack of assets developed for GDC 2017 – was created by Ryan Brucks, Epic’s senior developer relations technical artist.

Paint volumetric forms in virtual reality
The plugin enables users to paint volumetric objects from within UE4’s VR Editor, using an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and Touch virtual reality headset and controllers to position them in virtual reality.

You can adjust the size of the virtual brush, and the ‘intensity’ with which you are painting in the volume; and it’s possible to use the brush to smudge or erase volumes you have already placed.

Also works for painting fluid velocity
It’s also possible to paint velocities onto the volume, effectively making it possible to set up gaseous fluid systems by painting their motion interactively in 3D. It’s all very clever.

The plugin was demonstrated last week during one of Epic’s regular weekly streams, so you can see how it works in the YouTube archive of the recording above.

Availability and system requirements
Brucks says that he plans to continue to develop the toolset – in fact, he’s already posted the first update – although it won’t become part of the core release of the engine.

You can download the plugin via the link below. It works with Unreal Engine 4.15 and above.

Download Ryan Brucks’ free volume modelling plugin for UE4 from the Unreal Engine forum
(Registration required; scroll down the thread to find the latest update)