Monday, February 19th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Baga Grove lets you ‘draw’ plants into your Blender scenes

Architectural visualization artist and tools developer Antoine Bagattini has released Baga Grove, a neat new tool for adding vegetation to 3D scenes in Blender.

The add-on, created in partnership with architectural asset provider Evermotion, lets users add natural-looking groups of plants to scenes by drawing the outline of the group freehand.

Add groups of 3D plants to Blender scenes by drawing outlines in the viewport
Described as a “refreshing twist on traditional scattering techniques”, BagaGrove lets users add vegetation to scenes simply by drawing outlines freehand in the Blender viewport.

The add-on then fills the outline automatically with 3D plants, layering the assets so that larger plants are concentrated at the center of the clump and smaller ones towards the edges.

Users can generate random variants of a clump, then fine-tune promising ones via parameters for scale and spacing.

The workflow seems particularly suited to man-made features like flower beds or hedges, but the demo video also shows clumps of plants in more natural-looking environments.

Use one of three readmyade sets of 3D plants, or create your own custom ‘Groves’
Baga Grove comes with three ‘Groves’ – readymade sets of 3D plants for gardens, urban and wild environments, including grasses, flowers and trees – but users can import their own assets.

Creating and installing Groves uses the GeoPack system from the latest version of BagaPie, Bagattini’s free Blender modifier, which is included in the download.

System requirements
Baga Grove is compatible with Blender 4.0. The full version costs $120; versions with only one of the three readymade Groves cost $45.

Read more about Baga Grove on the plugin’s Blender Market page

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