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Polyqoniq releases botaniq 7.0 for Blender

Originally posted on 14 February 2023. Scroll down for details of the botaniq 7.0 update.

Architectural visualization firm and tools developer polygoniq has updated botaniq, its popular library of 3D plants for Blender.

The 6.7 update adds support for animation to all of botaniq’s 3D plants, making it possible to create looping wind animations, with the option to bake animation to improve performance.

High-quality 3D plants for Blender artists and architectural visualization professionals
First released in 2019 for Blender, and later also ported to Maya, botaniq is a library of optimised 3D plants.

The Blender edition has grown from a 1.0 release of 63 trees to hundreds of deciduous, coniferous and tropical trees, plus other types of plants, including shrubs, cacti, herbaceous plants and grasses.

Recent releases have also added photoscanned rocks and stones, and helper tools for scattering assets and for drawing vines across the surface of a model.

Now supports randomisable looping wind animations
To that, botaniq 6.7 adds animations to all of botaniq’s 3D plants and particle systems.

Users can apply wind animation – there are separate animation types for plants of different heights – creating loops of up to 80 frames, with the option to randomise start and end times.

Animations are reused between multiple assets, which polygoniq describes as “both [a] disadvantage but also an advantage when it comes to memory [use in large scenes]”.

Animation can also be baked.

Updated 29 January 2024: polygoniq has released botaniq 7.0.

The update adds 111 new assets, on top of the 53 added in the intervening botaniq 6.8 update, and ports botaniq’s system for generating 3D vines to use Blender’s Geometry Nodes.

However, the biggest change is that botaniq is no longer a standalone add-on, but an asset pack that can be loaded using engon, polygoniq’s new open-source asset browser.

At the time of writing, it is possible to download a free set of sample assets from botaniq by filling out a survey on polygoniq’s website.

The sample consists of 38 assets, including 3D trees, herbaceous plants, ferns and grass, plus rocks and garden furniture.

Pricing and system requirements
Botaniq 7.0 is compatible with Blender 2.93+, including both Cycles and Eevee renderers.

Personal licenses cost $129 for the full library. There are also $1.99 and $49.99 Starter and Lite editions, which provide 4% and 42% of the full library, respectively.

Multi-seat studio licences start at $249.99.

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