Sunday, January 28th, 2024 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get engon, polygoniq’s open-source Blender asset browser

Architectural visualization firm and tools developer polygoniq has released engon, a free, open-source asset browser for Blender.

The tool, previously built into polygoniq’s asset libraries, provides advanced filtering options, built-in scattering tools, and the option to convert assets to linked files.

The asset libraries – botaniq, traffiq, aquatiq and materialiq – have been converted from standalone add-ons to engon asset packs.

Perform advanced searches on assets within Blender, or scatter them in your 3D scenes
Engon provides a number of features not available in Blender’s native Asset Browser, including more advanced asset tagging and filtering options.

You can see some of them in this video, including the option to filter assets by triangle count, physical dimensions, and even material color.

For populating 3D scenes with assets, engon also includes built-in object scattering tools, with options to randomize the scale and rotation of objects, and to snap them to the ground surface.

To reduce file size, assets are added to the scene as linked files, but it is possible to convert them to editable versions, or revert them to linked versions, with a single click.

Comes with 80 free sample assets, including 3D plants and vehicles
Engon imports assets in its own .paq format, which includes the .blend files and textures for the assets themselves, plus a JSON file telling engon how to process the data.

Polygoniq’s own Blender stock asset libraries – including tree and plant library botaniq, vehicle library traffiq, and water feature library aquatiq – have been converted to .paq format.

At the time of writing, you can get a set of sample assets from polygoniq’s libraries for free by completing an online questionnaire about your 3D work, which takes around five minutes.

The free packs comprise at total of 80 free assets, with 25 plants and fungi, including trees, herbaceous plants, ferns and grass, and 6 vehicles, including cars, lorries and scooters.

Pricing and system requirements
Engon 1.0 is compatible with Blender 3.3+ on Windows, Linux and macOS 10.0+. It’s a free download, and the source code is available under a GNU General Public License.

You can make a voluntary donation to support future development via Blender Market.

Read more about engon on polygoniq’s website

Find video tutorials on using engon on polygoniq’s YouTube channel

Download free Blender asset browser engon from polygoniq’s GitHub repository

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