Friday, June 20th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

AXYZ design releases free aXYZHUB asset browser

AXYZ design has released aXYZHUB, a free tool for browsing stock assets, and performing batch operations like resizing them and merging them into 3D scenes.

The tool works with any 3D asset from any vendor, although some of the functionality requires assets bought from AXYZ’s own online store.

Browse and batch process any 3D asset
aXYZHUB, which can be used as a standalone application or a plugin inside 3ds Max, provides a visual browser for stock assets, including the usual search and sort options.

More interestingly, if used within 3ds Max, it can batch process file import and scene setup operations, including merging assets into a scene and setting up Xrefs.

The plugin automatically finds and changes the absolute paths for texture maps in merged assets, and links the imported model to a null object to help with selection.

It can also rescale assets automatically to the standard drawing units supported by 3ds Max.

The software also links to AXYZ design’s online store, enabling users to browse and buy new stock characters from within the interface.

Availability and system requirements
aXYZHUB is available now for Windows. The plugin version works with 3ds Max 2010 and above. AXYZ design tells us it hopes to have versions for Cinema 4D and other host software soon.

Read more about aXYZHUB on AXYZ design’s website (Includes download link)