Thursday, December 28th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

PhyX Drag brings physics-based object placement to Blender

Game tools developer i, wHiteRabbiT has released PhyX Drag, a simple physics-based layout tool for Blender.

The $10 add-on lets users place objects in real time in the Blender viewport and have them settle naturally under gravity, complete with collisions between objects.

A simple Houdini-style physics-aware layout tool for Blender
Inspired by the physics-aware tools in Solaris, Houdini’s layout and lookdev environment – and more recently, in Cinema 4D and Substance 3D Stager – PhyX Drag is intended to let artists lay out scenes more quickly without having to place each object by hand.

Although it isn’t as fully featured, PhyX Drag enables artists to place objects in the Blender viewport with real-time physics.

As well as having objects settle naturally on surfaces under gravity, users can quickly group or space out sets of objects by having them attract or repel one another.

Price and system requirements
PhyX Drag is compatible with Blender 3.x and 4.0. It costs $10.

Read more about PhyX Drag in its store listing on

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