Thursday, October 12th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Movella launches new mocap product bundles for indie artists

Movella has launched new product bundles that give indie artists buying its inertial mocap systems six months’ free access to its $10,990/year Xsens Animate Pro software.

Both the Indie Starter bundle and the Indie Pro Bundle are available to individual artists and studios earning under $500,000/year, and based in the US and Canada.

Six months’ free access to the Xsens Animate Pro motion-capture software
Artists buying the Indie Starter Bundle get the MVN Awinda Starter Kit, Movella’s entry-level 17-sensor full-body motion-capture system, plus a free six-month subscription to Xsens Animate Pro, its software for processing, streaming and exporting animation data.

The Indie Pro Bundle is similar, with the MVN Link suit in place of the MVN Awinda Starter.

After the free six months ends, artists can switch to a cheaper edition of the Xsens Animate software, or continue with Pro at a 50% discount for another two years.

Custom, lower-cost edition of StretchSense’s MoCap Pro Studio gloves
For finger tracking, Movella is offering a custom version of StretchSense’s MoCap Studio glove.

It comes with a version of StretchSense’s Hand Engine software that supports Unity, UE5 and Movella’s MVN software, and up to four simultaneous streams, and costs $1,495.

The normal version has more software integrations, supports up to six simultaneous streams, and costs $2,745.

A response to changing employment conditions in the VFX industry
Movella said that it had launched the new bundles for artists aiming to or forced to go freelance, as the recent writers’ strike and current actors’ strike affect VFX production.

“Today’s entertainment landscape is rapidly evolving … as studios increasingly turn to independent creators, including influencers, to fill content gaps,” said VP Dale Pistilli.

“The Indie Program is designed to empower people who want to become independent, proving that they don’t need massive budgets to afford high-quality tools.”

Price and availability
Movella’s Indie Starter Bundle costs $4,590; the Indie Pro bundle is priced on demand.

Both are available to artists and studios with revenue under $500,000/year. They are only available in the US and Canada, and are limited to one per user.

Read more about the new Indie mocap bundles on Movella’s website