Tuesday, July 4th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autograph 2023.6 is available

Left Angle has released Autograph 2023.6, the latest version of its next-gen content creation and compositing tool for motion design and visual effects.

The update adds new tools for match-moving textures onto deforming surfaces in video footage, making it possible to create digital makeup effects or apply logos to clothing.

Other changes include support for shader code authored with Shadertoy, improvements when working with 3D cameras, and a new Python API for users of Autograph Studio.

An alternative to After Effects for motion graphics and VFX work
Released earlier this year, Autograph is pitched as a next-gen tool for motion design and visual effects.

Like After Effects, it uses a layer-based compositing model, with its timeline featuring a standard layer stack and dope sheet, but it combines it with a 3D mode for viewing and manipulating 3D assets.

3D workflow is based around Universal Scene Description, and the software has its own real-time physically based renderer, Filament, which can be used to render 3D assets for integration into compositions.

Autograph sells itself on ease of use, with its system of Generators pitched as a simpler alternative to a node graph for creating procedural content, and its Modifiers described as a simpler alternative to expressions.

However, its major claim is to be the “first responsive design video software”, with a workflow geared towards artists who need to deliver a project at multiple resolutions and aspect ratios from a single file.

It can also be used to generate multiple design or language variants of a project by connecting database data in CSV format to the software’s Instancer.

Autograph 2023.6: new tools for tracking deforming surfaces, Shadertoy compatibility
Key changes in Autograph 2023.6 include a new UV Map Generator and revamped Vector Corner Pin.

The tools can be teamed to track deforming surfaces and generate matching animated UV maps, making it possible to create digital makeup or tattoo effects, or apply logos to clothing, as shown in this video.

In addition, Autograph is now compatible with online GLSL shader-authoring platform Shadertoy, making it possible to copy shader code from the site and paste it into a Shadertoy Generator within Autograph.

Other feature updates and workflow improvements
Updates to existing features include new Shape Path Generators and Modifiers for creating and manipulating 2D shapes, including Circle, Rectangle, Polygon, Star, and Trim Path.

The 3D toolset gets a new Camera UV Project Modifier, and support for Catmull-Clark and Bilinear subdivision for 3D mesh primitives generated in Autograph.

Improvements to camera workflow include the option to import animated cameras from DCC applications or tracking software like SynthEyes via USD format.

There are also UX improvements to Project Panel, Viewer Panel and Properties Panel.

New Python API for users of Autograph Studio
Users of Autograph Studio, the full edition of the software, also get a new Python API, making it possible to automate common tasks or extend the UI with custom PySide panels.

Pipeline integration changes include support for hardware-accelerated AV1 encoding on AMD, Intel and Nvidia GPUs.

Artisan no longer listed in Left Angle’s online store
Left Angle also now seems to be focusing its attention primarily on Autograph.

Although Artisan – its cloud-based shot review platform, launched at the same time as Autograph – is still mentioned on the website, it is no longer promoted on the homepage or listed in the online store.

Price and system requirements
Autograph is compatible with Windows 10+, CentOS 7/Ubuntu 20.04+ Linux, and macOS 10.15+. The software supports Apple Silicon processors natively on macOS 11.0+.

Perpetual licences of Autograph Creator, for users with annual revenue under $1 million/year, have a MSRP of $945; rental costs $35/month or $315/year.

Perpetual licences of Autograph Studio have a MSRP of $1,795; rental costs $59/month or $599/year.

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