Thursday, May 25th, 2023 Posted by Jim Thacker

CLO Virtual Fashion releases Marvelous Designer 12.1

CLO Virtual Fashion has released Marvelous Designer 12.1, the latest version of the clothing design tool.

The update adds USD support and an experimental new Omniverse connector.

Convert 2D patterns into animated 3D clothing
Widely used by games and animation studios, Marvelous Designer enables artists to design 3D garments in the same way as real-world clothes, by stitching virtual 2D pattern parts together.

Users can import an animated character model, drape clothing over it, then export the result back to a 3D application in Alembic or FBX format, as an OBJ file sequence, or as a Maya cache, PC2 or MDD cache.

As well as simulating the effect of gravity on a garment, it is possible to create wind animations.

Pipeline integration: USD support and new Omniverse connector
To that, Marvelous Designer 12.1 adds the option to import or export files in USD format, streamlining integration into VFX or games pipelines based around the Universal Scene Description format.

Clothing, trims and character avatars can all be imported or exported as USD files.

In addition, Marvelous Designer now has an experimental new connector plugin for Omniverse, Nvidia’s real-time 3D design and collaboration platform, available from the Omniverse launcher.

Workflow improvements
Workflow improvements include the option to import background images by dragging and dropping them from the Explorer window to the 2D window, and a new keyboard shortcut to toggle UI layouts.

It is also now possible to display statistics for the current garment in the viewport, including face and vertex counts, and scene performance stats like skinning, garment-to-garment collision and rendering times.

Pricing and availability
Marvelous Designer 12.1 is available for Windows 10+ and macOS 10.15+. It is available rental-only.

Personal subscriptions cost $39/month or $280/year. Enterprise subscriptions cost $1,700/year for a node-locked licence, and $2,000/year to $2,200/year for floating licences.

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