Saturday, October 8th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Tutorial: Modeling a Stylized Character for Games

The Gnomon Workshop has released Modeling a Stylized Character for Games, a guide to designing and rendering a 3D character for your portfolio, recorded by Wargaming UK senior character artist Kat Unsworth.

The workshop covers a range of software, including Photoshop for sketching, Maya for low-poly modelling, ZBrush for sculpting, Toolbag for baking, Substance 3D Painter for texturing, and UE5 for rendering.

Discover how to create a character for a game art portfolio, from initial design to final render
In the workshop, Unsworth sets out her entire workflow for creating a stylised game character then generating renders of it suitable for use in your portfolio.

She begins in Photoshop for initial design work, using paint-overs to visualize how the character will look.

From there, she uses Maya to block out the character, later also using Maya for retopology and to set up UVs, before sculpting high-poly details in ZBrush and baking them into texture maps in Marmoset’s Toolbag.

She then textures the character using Substance 3D Painter, and renders it in Unreal Engine 5.

As well as technical skills, the tutorial emphasises the importance of fundamental art skills like anatomy, shape language, gesture, and flow in creating a realistic result, even when dealing with stylised concepts.

About the artist
Kat Unsworth is a senior character artist at DPS Games, World of Tanks developer Wargaming’s UK studio.

She has experience working in mobile, indie and AAA game development, specialising in creating visually appealing and eye-catching characters.

Pricing and availability
Modeling a Stylized Character for Games is available via a subscription to The Gnomon Workshop, providing access to over 300 tutorials. Subscriptions cost $49/month or $490/year. Free trials are available.

Read more about Modeling a Stylized Character for Games on The Gnomon Workshop’s website

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