Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Download free After Effects plugin Crate’s Godrays

Online asset library ProductionCrate has released Crate’s Godrays, a handy-looking free After Effects plugin for generating volumetric lighting effects.

Add fast-rendering, easily controllable god rays to After Effects projects
Crate’s Godrays streamlines the process of adding volumetric light rays to visual effects or motion graphics projects, with use cases ranging from classic god rays to artificial lights like floodlights or hologram effects.

Users simply click in the viewport to position the point from which the rays should be emitted, and adjust parameters for ray length, exposure, decay and chromatic aberration.

The plugin comes with four preset quality modes, letting users trade visual fidelity against render speed.

The tool is Production Crate’s first foray into software development, the site being best known as a library of over 10,000 stock VFX and motion graphics elements, over 500 of which can be downloaded for free.

Licensing and system requirements
Crate’s Godrays is available for After Effects CS6+ running on Windows 7+ and macOS 11.3+. The plugin runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs, but may not work on very old Macs with Nvidia GPUs.

The plugin is free, and is licensed for use in commercial projects.

To download it, you will need to register for a free account on ProductionCrate, which you can do by selecting the Sample account on the registration page and unchecking ‘Donate $15/mo for 4K downloads’.

Read ProductionCrate’s instructions for downloading free After Effects plugin Crate’s Godrays