Monday, July 25th, 2022 Posted by Jim Thacker

Boonar Studio releases AAA Clouds and Cloud Mixer

Design and visualisation firm Boonar Studio has released AAA Clouds and Cloud Mixer, a new Blender add-on for generating realistic 3D clouds, customisable via Blender’s Geometry Nodes system.

The tool complements Boonar Studio’s best-known product, Blender terrain generator Terrain Mixer.

Generate realistic looking 3D clouds in Blender in a few clicks
The add-on enables users to generate realistic 3D clouds inside Blender, starting from 15 base designs.

Their form can be customised using Blender’s new Geometry Nodes system via a custom menu: “small” in the case of AAA Clouds, “a little bit bigger, but nothing too scary” in the case of Cloud Mixer.

You can see the workflow and the kind of results possible in the video above. Boonar Studio describes it as “not a one-click solution, but it is very simple to understand”.

The initial release, version 0.1, only works with Blender’s Cycles renderer, not Eevee.

Pricing and system requirements
AAA Clouds and Cloud Mixer 0.1 is available for Blender 3.2.1+. A single-user licence costs $39.

Read more about AAA Clouds and Cloud Mixer in Boonar Studio’s Gumroad store