Monday, February 22nd, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Chaos Czech’s new Corona Renderer showreel

Chaos Czech has released a beautiful new Corona Renderer showreel, showcasing the best recent work created using the 3ds Max and Cinema 4D production renderer.

The reel compiles the firm’s recent ‘mixtape’ compilations into a three-minute highlights reel.

A genre-hopping global summary of the projects being rendered in Corona
Given Corona’s popularity among arch viz professaionals, it’s no surprise that many of the standout moments come from visualisation artists, or artists with a background in visualisation.

In the first camp, India’s Impact 3D contributes some beautiful work, as does the UK’s Recent Spaces, including its stress tests for new caustics system in Corona Renderer 4.

In the second, Solvakian artist Jakub Cech teams up with architect Amal Hanafi on What is CGI?, a multi-format project exploring the use of CG as an artistic medium, including a short film and a gallery exhibition.

The reel also features stunning work from Poland’s Bartosz Domiczek, including speculative visualisation project Northern Wisps, and work-in-progress photorealistic short Scorn of Men.

There is also a fair amount of stylised work, a lot of it from Brazilian studios Miagui – including a range of colourful animated commercials – and Stratostorm, whose CG short Umbrella was rendered in Corona.

If that has whetted your appetite, Chaos Czech has no fewer than six longer compilations of the work on the reel on its YouTube channel: two dedicated to Miagui and Impact 3D, and four ‘mixtapes’.

See more Corona Renderer showreels on Chaos Czech’s YouTube channel

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