Sunday, February 21st, 2021 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get a free 46,080 x 23,040px displacement map of the Moon

VFX Assets has released a free 46,080 x 23,040-pixel displacement map of the Moon that can be used to create detailed renders of its surface seen from space, including commercial projects.

The asset is a lower-resolution version of a paid 184,320 x 92,160px texture map.

Recreate the Moon’s surface in 3D with a detailed free 46,080 x 23,040px displacement map
As with VFX Assets’ corresponding free displacement map of the Earth, the asset consists of a view of the Moon’s surface, shown in cylindrical projection, provided as a greyscale 16-bit TIFF file.

When used as a displacement map within a 3D app, it generates a detailed 3D version of the lunar surface.

The free version also comes with a sample of the full-res asset: one of the 32 UDIM tiles into which it is divided, corresponding to the Tycho crater.

The hi-res sample is also a 16-bit TIFF, and is 23,040 x 23,040px in size. The download also comes with an Alembic file and 3ds Max and Houdini scene files with UDIM UV mapping set up.

Licence conditions and download requirements
The 46,080 x 23,040px displacement map of the Earth is available to download free from VFX Assets’ Gumroad store. It is licensed for use in commercial projects.

(Due to Gumroad’s restrictions on the size of free assets, the zip archive you initially download contains a half-sized preview, plus a text file with the download link for the 46,080 x 23,040px map.)

The full 184,320 x 92,160px version is also available from VFX Assets’ Gumroad store, and costs CAD $30.

Download a 46,080 x 23,040px displacement map of the Moon via VFX Assets’ Gumroad store