Thursday, November 15th, 2018 Posted by Jim Thacker

Blackmagic Design releases DaVinci Resolve 15.2

Blackmagic Design has released DaVinci Resolve 15.2, a free update to its grading, editing and FX software.

The release extends support for OpenFX plugins in DaVinci Resolve’s Fusion compositing toolset, adds new audio tools, and improves video editing workflows.

Users of the commercial Studio edition also get new plugins for colour correction and smoothing skin.

Free edition: better editing workflow, new audio features, better support for OpenFX plugins
The free edition of Da Vinci Resolve gets a number of changes designed to improve editing workflow, including a higher frame rate in the editing timeline, to make trimming clips freel more responsive.

Other changes include visual detection of duplicated clips, and improvements to ‘pancake editing’ workflow, for editing across multiple timelines.

There is also a new visual interface for editing keyboard shortcuts, with presets to mimic the default shortcut keys in other editing applications.

Audio features include a new multiband compressor and new FairlightFX plugins, including a Stereo Fix plugin with presets for common channel mapping operations.

The Fusion compositing and effects toolset, added in Resolve 15.0, gets extended support for OpenFX plugins, including GPU acceleration of plugins.

Studio edition: new ResolveFX plugins for grading and image processing
Users of the commercial Studio edition also get new ResolveFX plugins for common grading and image-processing tasks, including a Beauty plugin for smoothing and removing blemishes from skin.

There are also new plugins for ACES colour transformations, limiting colour gamut, and automatically filling in blank areas of the screen left by letterboxing or pillarboxing footage.

Pricing and availability
DaVinci Resolve 15.2 is available for Windows 10, CentOS 6.8 Linux and macOS 10.12.6+.

The base edition of the software is free; the Studio edition, which enables you to work at resolutions higher than UHD and adds a range of advanced features, costs $299.

Read Blackmagic Design’s official news announcement for DaVinci Resolve 15.2

Download the free edition of DaVinci Resolve 15.2
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