Friday, December 1st, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Eye candy: Foundry’s 2017 showreel

Updated 1 December 2017: Foundry has reuploaded its 2017 showreel to YouTube. Nothing much seems to have changed since our original story in September, but we’ve embedded the latest version above.

Foundry has posted its 2017 showreel, showcasing the best new work created using its software.

Although that includes design tools like Modo and Colorway, we’d guess that Nuke, Katana and Mari feature far more often, with the reel skewing very much towards visual effects rather than visualisation.

That means the year’s biggest movie blockbusters – ILM’s work on Rogue One, Luma Pictures’ work on Doctor Strange and Image Engine’s work on Deadpool – plus VFX-heavy TV shows like The Expanse.

There are also cinematics by the like of Blur Studio, and some brilliant commercials from The Mill.

It’s also nice to see a couple of talented smaller studios included in the line-up: Poland’s Juice for its automotive work, and the UK’s Rewind for its virtual reality experiences.

One minor gripe is that the reel is pretty Western-centric – China’s Bitone and Japan’s Shirogumi being the honourable exceptions – but it’s still a beautiful way to spend a coffee break.

Read more about Foundry’s CG software on its website