Sunday, June 11th, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get a free 16,000px HDRI every week from HDRI Haven

CG artist Greg Zaal has announced that he plans to release a new free HDRI each week, every week, through his website HDRI Haven.

According to Zaal, new files, which will be released under a copyright-free CC0 licence, will be available to download from the site every Friday “with no email form or other funny business”.

The first of the files, a shot of a bridge over a pond at night, can be downloaded here.

A wide range of free and commercial HDRIs to download
The HDRIs on HDRI Haven are typically outdoor scenes spanning a range of weather conditions, shot with a high number of exposure values, and are available at up to 16,384 x 8,192px resolution.

The listings for each file also display some of the individual EVs, along with an interactive 360-degree tonemapped panorama of the image, and diffuse, chrome, plastic and glass ball previews of the HDRI in use.

All of the files on the site are free to download at 1,024 x 512px resolution, while the full-res versions cost $5.95 each. Bundle deals are also available.

As well as the commercial assets, Zaal also has a number of other free HDRIs on the site.

Download the first weekly free HDRI from HDRI Haven

Hat tip to BlenderNation for spotting this story.