Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Get 10 free 16K and 90 free 1K HDRIs from HDRI Haven


A low dynamic range preview of one of HDRI Haven’s free 16K HDRIs. The site also offers free 1K versions of all of its HDRIs, shot at up to 24 Exposure Values and spanning a range of environments and times of day.

Originally posted on 12 February 2016. Scroll down for updates.

CG artist Greg Zaal has launched HDRI Haven, a new online resource for high-quality HDR images, making 1K versions of all 28 HDRIs currently available on the site free to download.

The images span a wide range of times of day, weather conditions and locations – many in Southern Africa, where Zaal lives – and include both interior and exterior environments.

The low-resolution files are available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence, or 16,384 x 8,192px ultra-high-res versions are available commercially, priced at $5.95 each.

Five of the hi-res files are available as a free bundle, while commercial bundle deals are available for sets of between three and 28 HDRIs.

More Exposure Values and more preview options than your typical HDRI site
Zaal describes HDRI Haven as being “not your usual HDRI resource”, and it shows.

In addition to being high-resolution, the files are high-quality: many of the exteriors use 21 or even 24 Exposure Values, instead of the 12 EVs typical for files at this price point.

The listings for each file also display some of the individual EVs, along with an interactive 360-degree tonemapped panorama of the image, and diffuse, chrome, plastic and glass ball previews of the HDRI in use.


Updated 12 October 2016: Greg Zaal has posted another five free 16,384 x 8,192px HDRIs, making a total of 10 free hi-res files. The update adds some unusual images, including one shot during a partial solar eclipse.

There are now 90 commercial HDRIs on the site, all of which can be downloaded for free at 1K width.

Download the 10 free 16K HDRIs from HDRI Haven
(Requires registration)

Download the 90 free 1K HDRIs from HDRI Haven
(No registration required)