Thursday, June 1st, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

Chaos Group releases V-Ray 3.5 for Modo

Chaos Group has released V-Ray 3.5 for Modo, the latest version of the render engine for Foundry’s 3D modelling and animation software, adding features from other editions of the renderer.

Highlights of the update include the new Adaptive Lights system for scenes with multiple light sources, improved GPU rendering, the Arnold alSurface material, and support for Open Shading Language.

New Adaptive Lights system, improved GPU rendering, pipeline improvements
Many key features in V-Ray 3.5 for Modo made their debut in V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max earlier this year.

They include V-Ray’s new Adaptive Lights system, designed to improve performance in scenes with very large numbers of light sources, and improvements to GPU rendering via V-Ray RT GPU.

In addition, V-Ray RT GPU now supports a number of effects previously only supported when rendering on the CPU, including stochastic flakes in car paint materials and the Aerial Perspective atmospheric fog effect.

The update also adds the V-Ray version of the popular Arnold alSurface ubershader; the new physically accurate reflection model for glossy fresnel effects; and GPU-accelerated glare and bloom lens effects.

Other pipeline-focused changes include support for Open Shading Language and the new V-Ray scene reference system, enabling scene files generated in one version of V-Ray to be read on other host software.

You can find more details in our original story on V-Ray 3.5 for 3ds Max.

Select objects and materials directly from the virtual frame buffer
In addition, V-Ray 3.5 for Modo adds some of the changes to the virtual frame buffer rolled out in V-Ray 3.5 for Maya, including the ability to select objects or materials directly from the VFB.

There are also new VFB controls for the focal length and F-stop of the virtual camera.

Pricing and availability
V-Ray for Modo is available for Modo 701 and above, running on 64-bit Windows XP+ and Mac OS X 10.9+.

A full workstation license has an MSRP of $700; render nodes, which also work with other editions, start at $350. Rental pricing is also available. The update is free to registered users.

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