Monday, May 22nd, 2017 Posted by Jim Thacker

yVR lets you view VR projects on your mobile in real time

YCDIVFX has released yVR, a new tool for previewing VR renders generated in 3ds Max or Houdini on a mobile device in real time, in either 360-degree video or Google Cardboard mode.

A live link between your DCC package and a mobile device or remote PC
The software, which provides a live link to the host DCC application, enables users to visualise how VR projects will look without having to generate and export final renders.

It makes it possible to navigate 3D scenes being created in the DCC package from a smartphone or tablet, seeing the results of any changes made to the scene update in real time.

It can also be used over the internet, making it possible to give clients a live preview of work in progress.

Three layers of software
The application consists of three software components: yVR Server, installed on the machine creating the VR content; plugins to link it to the host DCC application; and yVR Client, installed on the client device.

The yVR Client can be installed on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices; yVR Server is Windows-only.

Pricing and availability
A standard licence of yVR costs €50 (around $56), and lets you run up to two clients at once. It comes with plugins for 3ds Max and Houdini, and supports the V-Ray, Corona, AMD ProRender and Fstorm renderers.

The iOS and Android clients can be downloaded for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

Read more about yVR on YCDIVFX’s website