Thursday, October 27th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Red Giant releases Magic Bullet Suite 13

Red Giant Software has released Magic Bullet Suite 13, the latest update to its suite of colour grading tools, extending their support for GPU acceleration, and adding Renoiser, a new tool for adding film grain.

The suite now comprises seven plugins for common editing and compositing packages: colour correction tools Looks, Colorista, Mojo and Film; Renoiser and sister app Denoiser; and skin-editing tool Cosmo.

All tools now GPU-accelerated
Magic Bullet Suite 13 continues the process of GPU acceleration begun in release 12, extending GPU support to Denoiser and Renoiser. All of the tools in the suite are now GPU-accelerated.

In addition, OpenCL support within Looks “delivers real-time color correction” inside Premiere Pro, Adobe’s editing software, which has supported OpenCL for GPU acceleration since 2012.

Looks also gets over 50 new presets, taking the total to over 200; plus a new favourite looks feature, and the ability to create an image reference library to make visual comparison easier.

Scopes can now be resized; and users can zoom in and out of the hue/saturation scope.

Colorista gets Guided Color Correction: a “step-by-step process” aimed at less grading-savvy editors that “educates [them] as they move through each stage of the color workflow”.

The update also adds support for LUTs and log footage; Temperature and Tint sliders; and new RGB curves.

After Effects and Premiere Pro users also get the new Colorista Panel, which gives access to key tools and can be redocked and rescaled at will, with UI elements automatically rearranging to fit the space available.

Mojo also gets OpenCL support, support for log footage, and new Temperature and Tint sliders.

The plugin also gets new Vignette and Exposure controls, a Strength slider to control the intensity of a look globally, and 14 new presets designed to mimic the looks of Hollywood movies and TV shows.

Denoising tool Denoiser has been “rewritten from scratch” using technology developed by augmented reality startup wrnch.

The update, which is described as “game-changing”, streamlines workflow and improves speed and quality.

Red Giant’s publicity materials don’t put any figures on the performance boost, but the company now describes Denoiser as the “best and fastest noise-removing software on the market”.

Denoiser also has a new counterpart, Renoiser, designed to add cinematic grain back to denoised video footage, or to inherently noiseless footage like rendered CG animation or motion graphics.

Again, it supports OpenCL within Premiere Pro, and comes with 16 presets based on real film stocks.

Cosmetic cleanup tool Cosmo gets an improved skin smoothing algorithm, a new eyedropper tool for sampling skin tones, and improved selection controls for “refined visual feedback”.

The final tool in the suite, Film, gets a smaller update, adding OpenCL support.

Pricing and Availability
Magic Bullet Suite 13 is available now. The price is up $100 since the previous release, to $899.

All of the suite’s component tools – which are available separately for between $99 and $399 – are compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X on both Windows and Mac OS X.

Individual tools are also compatible with DaVinci Resolve, Edius Motion, Avid Media Composer and Sony Vegas Pro. For a complete list of compatible versions, visit the product website.

Read more about the new features in Magic Bullet Suite 13 on Red Giant’s website