Thursday, October 27th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Headus ships UVLayout 2.10

Headus has released UVLayout 2.10, the latest update to its UV unwrapping software, adding support for importing and unwrapping multiple meshes and improved handling of lightmaps.

A long-established UV unwrapping tool
Amazingly, we’ve never written about UVLayout in the past, although it’s a long-established tool and, despite the rather dated-looking interface, one that many artists have in their toolboxes.

The software provides a standard range of features for cutting and unwrapping meshes imported in OBJ format, including symmetry editing and automatic packing of UV shells.

Any distortion errors in the automatically generated UVs are shown through colour coding of edges in the UV layout, and there is a brush-based workflow for adjusting the results.

Unwrap multiple meshes and share UV shells
New features in UVLayout 2.10 include the option to import multiple meshes into a scene, as shown in the video above, enabling users to pack shells across meshes that share a single UV map.

UVs can also be shared between meshes.

There is also the option to save out only part of the loaded mesh or meshes; and a new Fit To Grid option for improved unwrapping of lightmaps, as shown in this video.

Pricing and availability
Headus UVLayout 2.10 is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The Pro edition comes in floating or dongled node-locked versions, with pricing starting at $300; the Hobbyist edition, which lacks some advanced features, costs $200, and is dongle-free.

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