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Download Joost Vanhoutte’s free textures and cutouts

Sunday, July 10th, 2016 | Posted by Jim Thacker


Originally posted on 8 November 2015. Scroll down for updates.
You can also download individual images from Texture Ninja, Joost’s new free online library

3D artist Joost Vanhoutte has released three collections of texture resources on Gumroad.

The first consists of 50 photographs of foliage, including leaves, flowers and berries, presented on a transparent background. The resolutions vary from around 1,500 x 2,000 pixels up to 3,500 x 5,000 pixels.

The second pack consists of 52 black-and-white images of fingerprints for use as alphas. The fingerprints are all 1,024 x 1,024 or 2,048 x 2,048 pixels, and also come as Photoshop brushes in the software’s .abr format.

The final collection consists of over 800 photographic images of common weathered surfaces. The images aren’t tiled, and Vanhoutte describes them as being of variable quality, but it’s still a lot of reference material.

All of the resources are licensed for commercial use. You can download them for free by entering a figure of $0 on Gumroad, or make a voluntary donation to show your appreciation and help fund future collections.

Download the 50 foliage cutouts via Gumroad

Download the 52 fingerprint alphas via Gumroad

Download the 800 photographic textures via Gumroad
(Note: 7.2GB archive. Think before downloading on mobile devices)


Updated 8 December: Joost Vanhoutte has just released a new pack of over 1,000 texture reference images, spanning a range of common surfaces, including wood, paint, concrete and metal.

The full-resolutions images are around 6,000 x 4,000 in size, with the entire archive weighing in at 11.5GB, or there’s a 5.5GB half-resolution download.

The images aren’t tiled, but according to Vanhoutte, quality is more consistent than in the previous pack, so the textures should be sharper and better colour calibrated, with little to no perspective distortion.

Download over 1,000 free texture reference images via Joost Vanhoutte’s Gumroad page


Updated 20 January 2016: Joost Vanhoutte has released 100 more free rust textures via Gumroad.

Again, the images aren’t tiled, and come as zip archives of half-resolution (1,826 x 2,736px, 333MB download) or full-resolution (1.2GB) images.

Download 100 free rust textures via Joost Vanhoutte’s Gumroad page


Updated 10 July 2016: Joost Vanhoutte has released 111 more free stone textures via Gumroad.

As with the rust textures, the images aren’t tiled, and come as zip archives of half-resolution (2,000px wide, 133MB download) or full-resolution (1.77GB) images.

Download 111 free stone textures via Joost Vanhoutte’s Gumroad page


Updated 1 August 2016: Joost Vanhoutte has released 53 more free blood textures via Gumroad.

As well as the free assets, there is a premium pack of 74 textures with transparent backgrounds, available as Photoshop brushes. According to Vanhoutte, no animals (or anyone else) were harmed in their creation.

Download 53 free blood textures via Joost Vanhoutte’s Gumroad page

See Joost Vanhoutte’s commercial texture, alpha and HDRI collections on Gumroad

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