Monday, January 19th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Otoy unveils four new versions of OctaneRender

An early demo of OctaneRender running inside Unreal Engine 4. Otoy has also announced new bridging plugins linking the GPU-based renderer to Nuke, Houdini, MotionBuilder, After Effects and Photoshop.

Originally posted on 15 August 2014. Scroll down for updates.

Otoy has announced new plugins linking OctaneRender, its GPU-based unbiased renderer, to Nuke, Houdini, MotionBuilder and Unreal Engine 4. The announcement was made at Siggraph 2014.

Near-complete coverage of the 3D and compositing markets
Along with previously announced versions for Photoshop and After Effects, the new plugins pretty much complete OctaneRender’s coverage of the 3D and compositing markets.

Otoy currently ships plugins linking OctaneRender to standard 3D apps, including 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave and Cinema 4D; with seven more in beta. That just leaves sculpting apps like ZBrush and Mudbox.

The new MotionBuilder plugin is interesting, since it’s the second new rendering option for the software announced this year, following the unveiling of V-Ray RT for MotionBuilder at Nvidia’s GTC conference.

Both promise GPU-based, photorealistic rendering within the MotionBuilder viewport, blurring the lines between simple previz of motion-captured animation and true final-quality real-time film-making.

Pricing and availability
There are no official release dates or prices for any of the new plugins yet. Otoy’s existing plugins for OctaneRender cost between €99 and €199 (roughly $130 to $260).

Updated 19 January 2015: After a period of silence, Otoy has posted another glimpse of the new OctaneRender plugins, in the shape of its interactive photorealistic renderer running inside Houdini.

The video above shows IPR running in a custom OpenGL window, and demonstrates real-time object deformations with motion blur; and Octane render target settings like tonemapping and post-processing.

Otoy has confirmed that beta testing of the Nuke plugin has begun, but so far, there’s no demo video.

Read the official announcement on the OctaneRender forums