Friday, January 16th, 2015 Posted by Jim Thacker

Amplify Creations releases Multi-Tile UV Bake Tool

Amplify Creations has released the Multi-Tile UV Bake Tool: a 3ds Max plugin for automating the process of baking multi-tile UV sets for use in packages like Mari, Mudbox and ZBrush.

By default, 3ds Max bakes textures in [0,1] UV co-ordinate space, making the process of converting assets to formats like Mari’s UDIM time-consuming, particularly for large assets.

Works via Render to Texture
The plugin takes the information from 3ds Max’s Render to Texture Dialogue, and can bake any render element available in the dialog, including displacement, normal or ambient occlusion maps.

To speed up repetitive tasks, the plugin offers automatic tile detection, plus several batch override options such as padding, tile size, texture density and UV Flatten.

Pricing and availability
The Multi-Tile UV Bake tool was designed for use with Amplify’s Unity plugin Amplify Texture 2, and is included free as part of the full version. If you want to buy it separately, it costs $30 including tax.

The plugin is compatible with 3ds Max 9 and above.

Read more about the Multi-Tile UV Bake Tool on the product webpage
(Includes download link for a watermarked trial version)