Monday, September 19th, 2016 Posted by Jim Thacker

Amplify Creations ships beta of Amplify Shader Editor

Game development developer Amplify Creations has released Amplify Shader Editor (ASE), its new node-based shader authoring tool for Unity, in commercial beta.

The software is intended to provide “an open and tightly integrated solution [that respects] Unity’s UI conventions [and provides] AAA quality and flexibility at an indie-affordable cost”.

An intuitive shader editor with full source-code access
ASE provides a standard node-based workflow for authoring shaders with an intuitive, minimalist interface. Changes made to the shader graph are reflected in the viewport in real time.

You can read a list of existing node types in the software’s online documentation, although the feature set is still a work in progress: custom lighting models are currently disabled, for example.

The developers are pitching ASE as a community-driven product, and are actively soliciting suggestions for new features, as well as providing access to the full source code.

You can read more about the current roadmap or contribute your own suggestions via the forum thread below.

Pricing and availability
Amplify Shader Editor is currently available in beta for Unity 5.4. The software is currently priced at $20, but Amplify Creations says that this will rise with subsequent beta builds.

Read more about Amplify Shader Editor on the software’s product page

Read about the product roadmap in the thread on the Unity forums