Thursday, October 30th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mootzoid releases emPolygonizer 5

Eric ‘Mootzoid’ Mootz has released emPolygonizer 5, the latest version of his particle-meshing plugin for Softimage – and now Maya, Modo, Fabric Engine, and available as a command-line tool.

The plugin is multithreaded, and is capable of handling “dozens of millions” of particles.

Improved mesh quality – and a killer demo reel
New features this time round include a new normal vector algorithm for reducing flicker in animations and a principal component analysis-based ‘liquid shaper’ for generating smoother meshes.

But as ever, the real fun of the release is the demo video, generated using particle simulations from Softimage, Lagoa, Houdini and experimental fluid-simulation system Proteus, and rendered in Arnold.

If that doesn’t make you want to play with the plugin, no features list will.

Pricing and availability
emPolygonizer 5 is available now for Softimage 2012 and above, Maya 2012 and above, Modo 701 and above and Fabric Engine. A floating licence costs €249 (around $310).

Read more about emPolygonizer 5 on the Mootzoid website