Tuesday, August 14th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Mootzoid’s emPolygonizer4 for Softimage ships

The Stanford Bunny’s nightmare: Mootzoid’s demo for Softimage particle-meshing plugin emPolygonizer 4.0.

Eric ‘Mooztoid’ Mootz has released emPolygonizer4, an update to his particle-meshing plugin for Softimage. The tool enables users to simulate fluids through an advanced metaball-meshing technique.

The plugin is capable of handling millions of input points, and generating meshes with millions of polygons.

On top of existing features such as support for liquid filmanents and advanced mesh smoothing, version 4.0 of the software adds support for UVW co-ordinates.

Watch bunnies run down the drain
Mootz’s demo videos are some of the best in the business, and emPolygonizer 4.0’s – entitled ‘The Stanford Bunny’s nightmare’ – is no different.

Even if you’re not a Softimage user, it’s worth clicking play just to see the venerable 3D model slowly dissolving into a puddle of brightly coloured glop.

emPolygonizer4 is available now for Softimage 2012 SP1+ on Windows or Linux, price €199 (around $245).

Read more about emPolygonizer4
(Includes download link to trial version)