Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Janos Hunyadi releases PolyPaint importer for Maya

Scanline VFX character modeller Janos Hunyadi has released his ZBrush PolyPaint importer for Maya. The free plugin imports PolyPaint data into Maya without the need to set up UVs for a model.

Users simply save an OBJ from ZBrush, then import it into Maya via the importer. You can render the textured model via any engine that supports vertex color data, including mental ray, V-Ray and Arnold.

The plugin is available for Maya 2014 on 64-bit Windows and Maya 2015 on 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X.

Download ZBrush PolyPaint importer for Maya from Janos Hunyadi’s Vimeo page
(More information about the plugin in the comments thread)