Thursday, January 12th, 2012 Posted by Jim Thacker

Domingos Silva releases Massive importer for Max

Domingos Silva has released a beta of MassiveImporter, his plugin for importing Massive crowds into 3ds Max.

MassiveImporter automatically imports skeleton, geometry and skin weighting data, although it is currently limited to 100 agents. It requires the 64-bit edition of 3ds Max 2012.

MassiveImporter in action, in a spot created by Congo Producciones.

The plugin was formerly known as Mass2Maya, and as its name suggests, is also in development for Maya and Houdini. Silva’s blog includes the video above showing the code in use in production, which we imagine was created with the old Maya version.

Updated: we’ve spoken to Domingos, and the video above was indeed created using Mass2Maya, although VFX house Congo Producciones actually imported the crowd from Massive to Maya, and then from Maya to 3ds Max.

Updated 12 January: MassiveImporter 1.5 is now available in beta, including the following new features:

  • Import Texture
  • Instance Geometry for each new agent (faster than importing from file)
  • Instance Material
  • Load Default Agent

Visit Domingos Silva’s blog

Download MassiveImporter

Hat tip to Max Underground for spotting this one.