Monday, March 10th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Old Softimage licences will remain valid after 2016


Softimage users will be able to continue to use the software indefinitely after support is discontinued in 2016, the company has announced.

Previously, subscription customers were to be offered migration packages to 3ds Max or Maya that included a licence of Softimage alongside the new product for two years, after which access to Softimage would be ended.

Changed in response to user feedback
According to a statement posted by Autodesk industry manager Maurice Patel on the AREA forum: “We have been monitoring all of your feedback on the forums, including many direct conversations with our customers, and have made adjustments to the transition offering to address your concerns … Based on your feedback we will be adding the ability to continue to access Softimage indefinitely with your Subscription entitlement even after we stop support on Softimage in April 2016.”

The statement also confirms that old licences of Softimage will remain valid if users choose not to take up either of the migration packages, or if they are not on a current subscription contract:

“If you do not want to transition, your licenses will not stop working. Any licenses you have purchased are yours. … You will continue to be able to contact support if you need to move a license to a new machine.”

Read Maurice Patel’s full statement about the new Softimage transition policy on the AREA