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Eye candy: The Foundry in Design

Friday, January 10th, 2014 | Posted by Jim Thacker

We were obviously still in hibernation last week, or we’d have spotted that The Foundry had released a new video about the use of Modo in design featuring cameos from concept stars Neville Page and Scott Robertson.

The video is pushing the idea that Modo is intuitive enough to be used by people from a 2D background: The Foundry’s president of the Americas, Brad Peebler, describes it as “3D in a way that’s CAD-like, but for artists”.

Most of the imagery in the video is of hard-surface models, but there are a few nice organic concepts, mainly from Page’s work on TRON: Legacy, who praises the results he got “with minimal knowledge of the tool”.

Read more about Modo on The Foundry’s website

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