Friday, January 24th, 2014 Posted by Jim Thacker

Damien Bataille releases DeeX VRay Arsenal 1.5

An early preview of DeeX VRay Arsenal. The Maya/V-Ray workflow plugin has now been released commercially.

Originally posted on 7 February 2013. Scroll down for updates.

Damien Bataille has released DeeX VRay Arsenal, a new workflow tool for rendering Maya scenes in V-Ray.

According to Bataille, who has worked as a lighting TD at VFX studios including Mac Guff and Duran Duboi, the plugin is the result of a year of work, and has been in private beta testing for a month.

DeeX VRay Arsenal is designed to accelerate common production tasks. Features include:

  • Pass manager
  • Adjust object properties on the fly
    Create a black hole or control the primary visibility, reflection, refraction and GI in one click
  • Matte on the fly
    Create masks in one click. Forget IDs: just select your object. Bonus: you can create hierarchical masks!
  • On-the-fly rendering
    Automatic material ID (works with blend material)
    Automatic object ID into proxy
    Render your scene with a Lambert to check your lighting in one click. Displacement and bump will be kept
    Create a Light Select RenderElement on the fly, manually or automatically
  • Fast control
    Control your render settings quickly, with GI presets
  • Quality control
    Control the quality of your render with one slider
    Set the quality (subdivisions) of your materials automatically in one click (based off the glossiness)
    Add a quality offset for part of your render (irradiance map, LC, AA, and so on)
  • New tools to make your working life easier
    Import multiple proxies in one click
    Connect shader(s) to proxies in one click (with or without namespace)
    Material ID manager: Add, remove, or set materialID in one click
    Object ID manager: Add, remove, or set objectID in one click
    Material control: Control subdivisions, interpolation and max depth of your materials quickly
    Lights control: Control subdivisions of lights quickly

DeeX VRay Arsenal is available now for Maya 2011 and above and V-Ray 2.4, running on 64-bit Windows. According to Bataille, Mac OS X and Linux will be supported in future. A single licence costs €69 (around $95).

Updated 24 January 2014: DeeX V-Ray Arsenal 1.5 is out. The update adds a new light lister, enabling users to control lights as a group, or isolate individual lights or sub-groups. See it in action in the video above.

Read more about DeeX VRay Arsenal on Bataille’s website

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