Thursday, December 5th, 2013 Posted by Jim Thacker

Autodesk adds MEL scripting, OBJ export to Maya LT

Autodesk’s latest extension for Maya LT adds support for MEL scripting to the cut-down version of Maya for indie games artists. See videos of other new features in the extension on Autodesk’s YouTube channel.

Autodesk has released another subscriber-only extension for Maya LT, the cut-down version of Maya aimed at indie games artists it launched earlier this year, adding support for MEL scripting and OBJ export.

At the time, Autodesk described the lack of MEL support as a means of providing some clear water between LT and its parent product, effectively preventing users from scripting missing functionality back in.

The latest update changes that, and with the previous extension having significantly eased the polygon limit on exported geometry, Maya LT is suddenly looking like a much more powerful proposition.

Maya LT Extension 2 is available today as a free download to users on subscription or pay-as-you go plans. Other new features include new character rigging options, listed in the excerpt from the press release below.

PRESS RELEASE (Excerpts): New features in Maya LT Extension 2

  • MEL Scripting
    Simplify repetitive or complex tasks and seamlessly facilitate sharing with team members: a built-in script editor removes the need to manually write scripts and displays corresponding commands in MEL script. Scripts can be saved and turned into customized parts of the Maya LT UI through Shelf Buttons, Hotkeys or Marking Menus.
  • Human IK and IK Handle Animation
    A new IK handle, a Pole Vector constraint, Human IK Mirroring and an animation re-targeting tool accelerate the animation, rigging and transfer of information between characters.
  • New Export Options
    Export Maya LT 3D assets in an OBJ file format to expand compatibility with other industry standard tools and game engines.

Read more about Maya LT on Autodesk’s website